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Back East Live Music: Denver

That Infernal Racket: July 8
That Infernal Racket That Infernal Racket is a new band of old hands from the Denver hard rock cover scene. The music is eclectic but loud and groovy. We do not play synthesizers and computers, we play ROCK MUSIC. We are recommended for your earholes and your moneymakers. Aerosmith, Bad Company, Collective Soul to Sabbath, Tool, and Queens of the Stone Age. There's also that one song by Blur, because it is awesome. You may get the urge to tap your foot, clap your hands, or shake your hips (or whatever else you wanna shake). This is strongly encouraged.

So What Brothers: July 14 - July 15
So What Brothers The So What Brothers are one of the most popular cover bands in Denver. CBS Denver named them as one of top cover band in Denver, and they were voted best band by ABC Channel 7. Their high energy show, eclectic song mix, and broad appeal is setting a new standard in corporate, nightclub, and wedding entertainment!

Bourbon Rock Dogs: July 22
Bourbon Rock Dogs Bourbon Rock Dogs is a Denver based Rock cover band that recreates the energy and soulful experience of some of the greatest music from 70's, 80's and 90's, but with an edge!!! Audiences will find themselves tapping their feet, snapping their fingers and dancing on tables. This music is timeless and it is our pleasure to bring it to life for you.

Roots & Rhythm Band: July 29
Roots & Rhythm Band The Roots & Rhythm band ignites hearts and propels feet to the dance floor by performing jump blues and swing, 50’s rock n’ roll and New Orleans funk and soul.

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Live Music Back East: Denver