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Back East Live Music: Monument

Chute Nine: October 6
Chute Nine “The difference between these guys and the usual bar fare is that CHUTE NINE puts on a show!….The fact is they just may save the industry.” – Clear Channel

Musical Video Bingo: October 13
Musical Video Bingo Enjoy something different at your favorite hangout! Musical Video Bingo is a great time for all!

Bullitt Breed Band: October 20
Bullitt Breed Band Dance all night to your favorite Classic and Current Rock Hits. Edgy Vocals, Pure Harmonies, and Real Vintage Rock Guitar Band Performances. Delivering songs the way they were meant to be experienced. See why fans are saying “…Bullitt Breed is the best Cover Band in Colorado Springs!”

Ashtonz: October 27
Ashtonz Low degree-of-difficulty rock/pop/country/folk mixed with the occasional shot of blooze . . . safe for almost the entire (dysfunctional) family.

Live Music Back East: Monument